CountryID Name Region
ABW Aruba Latin America & Caribbean
AFG Afghanistan South Asia
AFR Africa Aggregates
AGO Angola Sub-Saharan Africa
ALB Albania Europe & Central Asia
AND Andorra Europe & Central Asia
ANR Andean Region Aggregates
ARB Arab World Aggregates
ARE United Arab Emirates Middle East & North Africa
ARG Argentina Latin America & Caribbean
ARM Armenia Europe & Central Asia
ASM American Samoa East Asia & Pacific
ATG Antigua and Barbuda Latin America & Caribbean
AUS Australia East Asia & Pacific
AUT Austria Europe & Central Asia
AZE Azerbaijan Europe & Central Asia
BDI Burundi Sub-Saharan Africa
BEA East Asia & Pacific (IBRD-only countries) Aggregates
BEC Europe & Central Asia (IBRD-only countries) Aggregates
BEL Belgium Europe & Central Asia
BEN Benin Sub-Saharan Africa
BFA Burkina Faso Sub-Saharan Africa
BGD Bangladesh South Asia
BGR Bulgaria Europe & Central Asia
BHI IBRD countries classified as high income Aggregates
BHR Bahrain Middle East & North Africa
BHS Bahamas, The Latin America & Caribbean
BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe & Central Asia
BLA Latin America & the Caribbean (IBRD-only countries) Aggregates
BLR Belarus Europe & Central Asia
BLZ Belize Latin America & Caribbean
BMN Middle East & North Africa (IBRD-only countries) Aggregates
BMU Bermuda North America
BOL Bolivia Latin America & Caribbean
BRA Brazil Latin America & Caribbean
BRB Barbados Latin America & Caribbean
BRN Brunei Darussalam East Asia & Pacific
BSS Sub-Saharan Africa (IBRD-only countries) Aggregates
BTN Bhutan South Asia
BWA Botswana Sub-Saharan Africa
CAA Sub-Saharan Africa (IFC classification) Aggregates
CAF Central African Republic Sub-Saharan Africa
CAN Canada North America
CEA East Asia and the Pacific (IFC classification) Aggregates
CEB Central Europe and the Baltics Aggregates
CEU Europe and Central Asia (IFC classification) Aggregates
CHE Switzerland Europe & Central Asia
CHI Channel Islands Europe & Central Asia
CHL Chile Latin America & Caribbean
CHN China East Asia & Pacific
CIV Cote d'Ivoire Sub-Saharan Africa
CLA Latin America and the Caribbean (IFC classification) Aggregates
CME Middle East and North Africa (IFC classification) Aggregates
CMR Cameroon Sub-Saharan Africa
COD Congo, Dem. Rep. Sub-Saharan Africa
COG Congo, Rep. Sub-Saharan Africa
COL Colombia Latin America & Caribbean
COM Comoros Sub-Saharan Africa
CPV Cabo Verde Sub-Saharan Africa
CRI Costa Rica Latin America & Caribbean
CSA South Asia (IFC classification) Aggregates
CSS Caribbean small states Aggregates
CUB Cuba Latin America & Caribbean
CUW Curacao Latin America & Caribbean
CYM Cayman Islands Latin America & Caribbean
CYP Cyprus Europe & Central Asia
CZE Czech Republic Europe & Central Asia
DEA East Asia & Pacific (IDA-eligible countries) Aggregates
DEC Europe & Central Asia (IDA-eligible countries) Aggregates
DEU Germany Europe & Central Asia
DFS IDA countries classified as Fragile Situations Aggregates
DJI Djibouti Middle East & North Africa
DLA Latin America & the Caribbean (IDA-eligible countries) Aggregates
DMA Dominica Latin America & Caribbean
DMN Middle East & North Africa (IDA-eligible countries) Aggregates
DNF IDA countries not classified as Fragile Situations Aggregates
DNK Denmark Europe & Central Asia
DNS IDA countries in Sub-Saharan Africa not classified as fragile situations Aggregates
DOM Dominican Republic Latin America & Caribbean
DSA South Asia (IDA-eligible countries) Aggregates
DSF IDA countries in Sub-Saharan Africa classified as fragile situations Aggregates
DSS Sub-Saharan Africa (IDA-eligible countries) Aggregates
DXS IDA total, excluding Sub-Saharan Africa Aggregates
DZA Algeria Middle East & North Africa
EAP East Asia & Pacific (excluding high income) Aggregates
EAR Early-demographic dividend Aggregates
EAS East Asia & Pacific Aggregates
ECA Europe & Central Asia (excluding high income) Aggregates
ECS Europe & Central Asia Aggregates
ECU Ecuador Latin America & Caribbean
EGY Egypt, Arab Rep. Middle East & North Africa
EMU Euro area Aggregates
ERI Eritrea Sub-Saharan Africa
ESP Spain Europe & Central Asia
EST Estonia Europe & Central Asia
ETH Ethiopia Sub-Saharan Africa
EUU European Union Aggregates
FCS Fragile and conflict affected situations Aggregates
FIN Finland Europe & Central Asia
FJI Fiji East Asia & Pacific
FRA France Europe & Central Asia
FRO Faroe Islands Europe & Central Asia
FSM Micronesia, Fed. Sts. East Asia & Pacific
FXS IDA countries classified as fragile situations, excluding Sub-Saharan Africa Aggregates
GAB Gabon Sub-Saharan Africa
GBR United Kingdom Europe & Central Asia
GEO Georgia Europe & Central Asia
GHA Ghana Sub-Saharan Africa
GIB Gibraltar Europe & Central Asia
GIN Guinea Sub-Saharan Africa
GMB Gambia, The Sub-Saharan Africa
GNB Guinea-Bissau Sub-Saharan Africa
GNQ Equatorial Guinea Sub-Saharan Africa
GRC Greece Europe & Central Asia
GRD Grenada Latin America & Caribbean
GRL Greenland Europe & Central Asia
GTM Guatemala Latin America & Caribbean
GUM Guam East Asia & Pacific
GUY Guyana Latin America & Caribbean
HIC High income Aggregates
HKG Hong Kong SAR, China East Asia & Pacific
HND Honduras Latin America & Caribbean
HPC Heavily indebted poor countries (HIPC) Aggregates
HRV Croatia Europe & Central Asia
HTI Haiti Latin America & Caribbean
HUN Hungary Europe & Central Asia
IBB IBRD, including blend Aggregates
IBD IBRD only Aggregates
IBT IDA & IBRD total Aggregates
IDA IDA total Aggregates
IDB IDA blend Aggregates
IDN Indonesia East Asia & Pacific
IDX IDA only Aggregates
IMN Isle of Man Europe & Central Asia
IND India South Asia
INX Not classified Aggregates
IRL Ireland Europe & Central Asia
IRN Iran, Islamic Rep. Middle East & North Africa
IRQ Iraq Middle East & North Africa
ISL Iceland Europe & Central Asia
ISR Israel Middle East & North Africa
ITA Italy Europe & Central Asia
JAM Jamaica Latin America & Caribbean
JOR Jordan Middle East & North Africa
JPN Japan East Asia & Pacific
KAZ Kazakhstan Europe & Central Asia
KEN Kenya Sub-Saharan Africa
KGZ Kyrgyz Republic Europe & Central Asia
KHM Cambodia East Asia & Pacific
KIR Kiribati East Asia & Pacific
KNA St. Kitts and Nevis Latin America & Caribbean
KOR Korea, Rep. East Asia & Pacific
KWT Kuwait Middle East & North Africa
LAC Latin America & Caribbean (excluding high income) Aggregates
LAO Lao PDR East Asia & Pacific
LBN Lebanon Middle East & North Africa
LBR Liberia Sub-Saharan Africa
LBY Libya Middle East & North Africa
LCA St. Lucia Latin America & Caribbean
LCN Latin America & Caribbean Aggregates
LCR Latin America and the Caribbean Aggregates
LDC Least developed countries: UN classification Aggregates
LIC Low income Aggregates
LIE Liechtenstein Europe & Central Asia
LKA Sri Lanka South Asia
LMC Lower middle income Aggregates
LMY Low & middle income Aggregates
LSO Lesotho Sub-Saharan Africa
LTE Late-demographic dividend Aggregates
LTU Lithuania Europe & Central Asia
LUX Luxembourg Europe & Central Asia
LVA Latvia Europe & Central Asia
MAC Macao SAR, China East Asia & Pacific
MAF St. Martin (French part) Latin America & Caribbean
MAR Morocco Middle East & North Africa
MCA Central America Aggregates
MCO Monaco Europe & Central Asia
MDA Moldova Europe & Central Asia
MDE Middle East (developing only) Aggregates
MDG Madagascar Sub-Saharan Africa
MDV Maldives South Asia
MEA Middle East & North Africa Aggregates
MEX Mexico Latin America & Caribbean
MHL Marshall Islands East Asia & Pacific
MIC Middle income Aggregates
MKD North Macedonia Europe & Central Asia
MLI Mali Sub-Saharan Africa
MLT Malta Middle East & North Africa
MMR Myanmar East Asia & Pacific
MNA Middle East & North Africa (excluding high income) Aggregates
MNE Montenegro Europe & Central Asia
MNG Mongolia East Asia & Pacific
MNP Northern Mariana Islands East Asia & Pacific
MOZ Mozambique Sub-Saharan Africa
MRT Mauritania Sub-Saharan Africa
MUS Mauritius Sub-Saharan Africa
MWI Malawi Sub-Saharan Africa
MYS Malaysia East Asia & Pacific
NAC North America Aggregates
NAF North Africa Aggregates
NAM Namibia Sub-Saharan Africa
NCL New Caledonia East Asia & Pacific
NER Niger Sub-Saharan Africa
NGA Nigeria Sub-Saharan Africa
NIC Nicaragua Latin America & Caribbean
NLD Netherlands Europe & Central Asia
NLS Non-resource rich Sub-Saharan Africa countries, of which landlocked Aggregates
NOR Norway Europe & Central Asia
NPL Nepal South Asia
NRS Non-resource rich Sub-Saharan Africa countries Aggregates
NRU Nauru East Asia & Pacific
NXS IDA countries not classified as fragile situations, excluding Sub-Saharan Africa Aggregates
NZL New Zealand East Asia & Pacific
OED OECD members Aggregates
OMN Oman Middle East & North Africa
OSS Other small states Aggregates
PAK Pakistan South Asia
PAN Panama Latin America & Caribbean
PER Peru Latin America & Caribbean
PHL Philippines East Asia & Pacific
PLW Palau East Asia & Pacific
PNG Papua New Guinea East Asia & Pacific
POL Poland Europe & Central Asia
PRE Pre-demographic dividend Aggregates
PRI Puerto Rico Latin America & Caribbean
PRK Korea, Dem. People’s Rep. East Asia & Pacific
PRT Portugal Europe & Central Asia
PRY Paraguay Latin America & Caribbean
PSE West Bank and Gaza Middle East & North Africa
PSS Pacific island small states Aggregates
PST Post-demographic dividend Aggregates
PYF French Polynesia East Asia & Pacific
QAT Qatar Middle East & North Africa
ROU Romania Europe & Central Asia
RRS Resource rich Sub-Saharan Africa countries Aggregates
RSO Resource rich Sub-Saharan Africa countries, of which oil exporters Aggregates
RUS Russian Federation Europe & Central Asia
RWA Rwanda Sub-Saharan Africa
SAS South Asia Aggregates
SAU Saudi Arabia Middle East & North Africa
SCE Southern Cone Aggregates
SDN Sudan Sub-Saharan Africa
SEN Senegal Sub-Saharan Africa
SGP Singapore East Asia & Pacific
SLB Solomon Islands East Asia & Pacific
SLE Sierra Leone Sub-Saharan Africa
SLV El Salvador Latin America & Caribbean
SMR San Marino Europe & Central Asia
SOM Somalia Sub-Saharan Africa
SRB Serbia Europe & Central Asia
SSA Sub-Saharan Africa (excluding high income) Aggregates
SSD South Sudan Sub-Saharan Africa
SSF Sub-Saharan Africa Aggregates
SST Small states Aggregates
STP Sao Tome and Principe Sub-Saharan Africa
SUR Suriname Latin America & Caribbean
SVK Slovak Republic Europe & Central Asia
SVN Slovenia Europe & Central Asia
SWE Sweden Europe & Central Asia
SWZ Eswatini Sub-Saharan Africa
SXM Sint Maarten (Dutch part) Latin America & Caribbean
SXZ Sub-Saharan Africa excluding South Africa Aggregates
SYC Seychelles Sub-Saharan Africa
SYR Syrian Arab Republic Middle East & North Africa
TCA Turks and Caicos Islands Latin America & Caribbean
TCD Chad Sub-Saharan Africa
TEA East Asia & Pacific (IDA & IBRD countries) Aggregates
TEC Europe & Central Asia (IDA & IBRD countries) Aggregates
TGO Togo Sub-Saharan Africa
THA Thailand East Asia & Pacific
TJK Tajikistan Europe & Central Asia
TKM Turkmenistan Europe & Central Asia
TLA Latin America & the Caribbean (IDA & IBRD countries) Aggregates
TLS Timor-Leste East Asia & Pacific
TMN Middle East & North Africa (IDA & IBRD countries) Aggregates
TON Tonga East Asia & Pacific
TSA South Asia (IDA & IBRD) Aggregates
TSS Sub-Saharan Africa (IDA & IBRD countries) Aggregates
TTO Trinidad and Tobago Latin America & Caribbean
TUN Tunisia Middle East & North Africa
TUR Turkey Europe & Central Asia
TUV Tuvalu East Asia & Pacific
TWN Taiwan, China East Asia & Pacific
TZA Tanzania Sub-Saharan Africa
UGA Uganda Sub-Saharan Africa
UKR Ukraine Europe & Central Asia
UMC Upper middle income Aggregates
URY Uruguay Latin America & Caribbean
USA United States North America
UZB Uzbekistan Europe & Central Asia
VCT St. Vincent and the Grenadines Latin America & Caribbean
VEN Venezuela, RB Latin America & Caribbean
VGB British Virgin Islands Latin America & Caribbean
VIR Virgin Islands (U.S.) Latin America & Caribbean
VNM Vietnam East Asia & Pacific
VUT Vanuatu East Asia & Pacific
WLD World Aggregates
WSM Samoa East Asia & Pacific
XKX Kosovo Europe & Central Asia
XZN Sub-Saharan Africa excluding South Africa and Nigeria Aggregates
YEM Yemen, Rep. Middle East & North Africa
ZAF South Africa Sub-Saharan Africa
ZMB Zambia Sub-Saharan Africa
ZWE Zimbabwe Sub-Saharan Africa